Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you pour the concrete?"

Although we specialise in the grind and polishing of concrete, we are happy to organise the installation of your new concrete floor if required.

"Do you do epoxy resin coatings?"

We do not do epoxy resin coatings, we specialise in concrete polishing. We can remove epoxy coatings if required as part of our surface preparation service.

"How much per m²?"

The price per m² depends on which of the range of floor finishes is required. Our range starts at the Warehouse floor finish and ends at our high end Premium Polish, typically, but not restricted to domestic applications.

"We are building a new house and would like polished concrete. At what stage do you need access to the property?"

Ideally, we would like to do the work before cabinetry and skirting boards have been installed. If this is not possible we can do all the work for floor polishing after the handover. However, due to the cabinetry now being in position the work will be more labour intensive.

"How is the floor protected?"

Where possible we use impregnating sealers as these will not display the common problems associated with coating sealers such as, scuffs, scratches and blistering. Coating sealers will also eventually wear off the surface of the concrete, especially in the high traffic areas resulting in costly future maintenance or repair. Data sheets on the sealing products we use can be provided upon request.