The Process

The process for the work we undertake will vary depending on the finish required.

Tile Stripping

We remove all the tiles and grind off the residual glue to leave a clean slab for your new floor covering. We use quality vacuum and extraction tools to keep the dust to an absolute minimum.

Grind and Seal

We grind the slab to the required level of aggregate exposure and seal the concrete. There are a wide selection of sealers on the market to suit every application. We can recommend the best sealer for your project to achieve your preferred finish.

Polished Concrete

We grind the concrete to reveal the desired amount of aggregate exposure, we then use a variety of diamond tooling to continue grinding the slab. The floor is then grouted and hardened before the polishing process can begin. We then polish the slab using diamond tools to achieve the desired level of reflectiveness. The floor is then sealed and buffed.