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Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is now the “must have” intelligent flooring choice for a variety of clients and applications. Not only is it beautiful, it also lends itself extremely well to urban living and furniture. This floor is virtually maintenance free, has excellent durability and uniquely aesthetic. There are a wide range of decorative concrete options to suit every taste and requirement.

Polishing Existing Concrete

It is possible to polish existing concrete, however there are a few points which need to be noted and understood by the client. As the concrete was not laid originally with the intention of polishing it is likely that the floor will display uneven areas of aggregate, show concreting tool marks or display foreign objects such as nails etc.

These variances can actually be a positive thing and do add to the individuality of the floor, however for clients seeking a uniform spread of aggregate the possibility of these scenario’s needs to be understood and appreciated at the beginning of the project.

Grind and Seal

Often a ‘polished concrete floor’ is actually just a grind and seal. This process involves grinding the floor to the required level of exposure and then applying a sealer. This process will require some future maintenance as it will be necessary to re-seal the floor once the sealer wears off. This will be especially evident in areas of high traffic. In a domestic situation this could be anywhere between three to seven years, possibly less in commercial applications.

Please note that these are very wide parameters and each floor coating will wear in accordance with the amount of foot traffic it has received.

Removal of Existing Floor Coverings

At Perth Polished Concrete we have the equipment necessary to undertake the removal of existing floor coverings such as floor tiles, epoxy resins, vinyl and carpet tiles in preparation for your polished concrete floor. This ensures that a more efficient timeframe can achieved with minimal downtime. Extra care is taken when tile stripping which will minimise the amount of patching in the concrete and give your floor an optimum finish.

Surface Preparation

Most floor coverings, especially large porcelain tiles and timber boards, require the floor to be extremely flat which is why we offer a surface preparation service. We can come to site and work on the existing areas which require attention. Your flooring contactor can then resume laying the chosen floor covering to the highest standard with minimal downtime.

For newly constructed properties it’s often beneficial to give concrete floors a light grind before other floor coverings are installed. This will remove any materials left by other trades such as paint, plaster and dust which can have a negative impact on the adhesion of your new floor covering. The floor can also be inspected at this time for flatness and the appropriate action taken. This will allow for the best possible job to be performed at your property.